whole house audio video structured wiring flat Panel mounting


Do you enjoy listening to music throughout your house, but don’t want to lug a radio around with you?  With whole house audio systems you are able to control your sources and content from various keypads throughout your home.  With a touch screen system, you have the ability to control your audio system easily with the added benefit of viewing cover art of the media you are playing.  We have many system options available such as iPod docks, media servers and satellite radios.

Imagine never having to get up to change DVDs again!  Wouldn’t you like to keep your DVDs protected from scratches and save yourself the headache of locating lost DVDs?  With our DVD managers you can put all of your DVDs in a single location while conveniently categorizing your movies by title and genre.  All of your titles are available at a moment’s notice through your system remote.  Now connect this DVD changer to a video switcher and a whole house audio system and you can instantly watch any DVD in any room of your home.
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